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Born in Colombia, his gift for music became apparent at a young age; starting with the piano at age 10 and growing through his teens while in high school. At the age of 13, he was involved with the first recording studio, dabbling as a musician in recording keyboards for his band, from that moment on he began to love studying and producing music.

“The owner of the studio became like my second Father, I really had the opportunity to learn and experiment with his equipment. By 11th grade, I was pretty much in charge of the studio and I knew after I graduated I wanted to be in a studio and produce full time.”

The music teacher advised Jonatan that, if he really wanted to follow his dream, he should move to the town where the studio was located because there he had an opportunity to continue growing. "My parents weren't very happy with the idea at first; my father had offered me the offer of being a student in Agricultural Engineering", he laughs.


"I lasted about 3 years producing and recording different projects that taught me a lot, but I wanted to move forward, fortunately in those 3 years my father had convinced himself of my vocation and decided to support me once again"

Glass Rules began his studies in music production at the School of Music of Buenos Aires, Argentina (EMBA), in 2012, during which time he participated in different projects that paved the way for him. In the year 2014, he began working with indie artists, and some projects from small record labels; highlighting his participation as a mixing engineer and producer in the album "Milagro De Amar", nominated for the Latin Grammy as "Best Christian Album (In Spanish).


"I characterize myself as a passionate creative, who always gives the best for the projects and the artists who trust me"


With more than 10 years of experience in the music industry, he has worked his way up to work on projects of influential Folklore artists such as the Latin Grammy winner Orlando "El Cholo Valderrama" and Jhon Onofre, winner of the reality show "A Otro Nivel".

He has also had a relevant participation in the recent albums of the Christian artist Fer Ariza, who has made important collaborations with prestigious artists belonging to this same musical category.


“I believe that God has given me the opportunity to work in different musical genres, and I feel fortunate to be able to intervene in projects that go from Gospel, pop, urban, to Joropo from the plains of Colombia and Venezuela”


“I am currently working on very important projects that I hope you can listen to very soon. I am somewhat ambitious, so I will continue to work very hard to achieve great goals within the industry”

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